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Google Analytics Training Course, Sri Lanka

Whether a beginner in Google Analytics, a seasoned professional, or a developer in need of background knowledge, two days Google Analytics Training course offer a learning solution for everyone.

What is the best Google Analytics training in Sri Lanka? A commonly asked question, at our Google Analytics training, we’ll dig and explore ways to use Google Analytics to gather more meaningful data, analyze it better and make your website perform. From basic definitions to event tracking to cross-domain tracking, we’ve got you covered.

This training is suitable for?

  • Web content owners, marketers & communications specialists
  • Media campaign managers, search engine optimization specialists or paid search campaign managers
  • Digital or web analysts
  • Individuals looking to prepare before taking GAIQ exam for Google Analytics certification

What are the teaching types available?

  • Individual Training (Online or Class Room)
  • Group Training (Online or Class Room)
  • Staff Training ( Online or On-site)

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Understand how to use Standard Reports to answer questions about your visitors
  • Correctly tag marketing campaigns so that data properly populates reports
  • Understand why a Measurement Plan is critical and how to decide which KPIs and goals are most relevant to you
  • Create custom segments, custom reports, goals, funnels, dashboards, shortcuts, exported reports & scheduled emails
  • Understand the benefits of integrations with Google AdWords, Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) and Google Sheets

What are the requirements to enrol for this trainig?

  • A computer (Laptop or a Desktop)
  • Fast internet connection (ADSL or HSDPA Dongle)

What is the duration of the course?

  • 15 hours (Two Days)

What are the methods of training?

  • Online training via Skype
  • Class room training
  • On-Site training ( at your own office)

You can select any place and time convenient for Online and On-Site trainings

What are the mediums of the training ?

  • English or Sinhala


Susan Eardly MBA (Au)
Director - Buisness Development | Serene Vacations, Sri Lanka

" Ishara is knowledgable on SEO and google analytics. He was flexible and adoptive to customize the training programme for our staff member. Due to his flexibility and prompt responses we were able to achieve our objectives "

# Certified Trainer with more than three years (3+) experience training Individuals, Groups & Staff

# More than six years industrial experience and a Google Certified Individual

# Online training facility with flexible hours (Can Schedule between 4am To 8pm)

# Fully flexibility on your requirements

# Conducting trainings from Sinhala or English language

# Assisting finding jobs in the industry

# Assisting individuals who preparing for GAIQ exams

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# Google Analytics Overview

# Web Analytics Essentials
-- Visitor and visitor sessions
-- Referrals
-- Bounce and Exit rates
-- Conversion rate
-- Context
-- Goals
-- Segments
-- Context

# Blue Print for Google Analytics Implementation
-- Planning
-- Configuration
-- Collection
-- Processing
-- Reporting
-- Querying

# Creating A Google Analytics Account
-- Creating Google Analytics Account
-- Creating Google Analytics profiles
-- Creating Google Analytics Views
-- Best practices when creating profiles and Views

# How To Install Google Analytics Properly
-- Getting the proper tracking code
-- Installing properly depend on what type of website you have
-- How to validate your Google Analytics Installation

# User Management in Google Analytics
-- User permissions
-- Add, modify, and delete users
-- Personal user settings

# Basics Categories and Reports Of Google Analytics
-- Dashboard
-- Shortcrust
-- Intelligence Events
-- Real-Time
-- Audience
-- Acquisition
-- Behaviour
-- Conversions

# Generating Google Analytics Custom Reports
-- Creating custom reports in Google Analytics
-- Access, manage, and share Custom Reports

# Filtering Data Using Google Analytics
-- About view filters
-- Filter Processing
-- Basic Filters
-- Creating New Filters
-- Filter Configurations

# Segmenting Data in Google Analytics
-- Advanced Segments
-- Segment types
-- Limits on segments
-- How to Use Advanced Segments
-- How to Create a Custom Segment
-- Other Resources

# Creating Goals In Google Analytics
-- Goal types
-- Smart Goals
-- Funnels for Destination goals
-- Goal ID and goal sets
-- Goal value
-- Limits of goals

# Custom Campaign Tracking In Google Analytics
-- The ABCs (or UTMs) of Campaign Tracking
-- Campaign URL Builder
-- Setup campaign tags for Emails, Social Media & Paid Ads
-- Check your Custom Campaign Tracking codes setup

# Events Tacking In Google Analytics
-- What is a event in Google Analytics?
-- Types of Events in Google Analytics
-- Structure of Google Analytics Events
-- When to use event tracking?
-- Setting up Event Tracking in Google Analytics
-- Check your Event Tracking codes setup

# Virtual Pageviews In Google Analytics
-- What are Virtual Pageviews?
-- When to use Virtual Pageviews
-- Setup Virtual Pageviews in Google Analytics
-- Check your Virtual PageViews setup

# Other Key Features Of Google Analytics
-- E-commerce Tracking
-- Site Search Tracking
-- Linking other Google products (Search Console, Adwords, etc.)

# Google Analytics Best Practices
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Trainer - Ishara Shehan Silva

Online Marketing Consultant,
Certified Trainer (Google Business Products) and IT Specialist
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Online Marketing Consultant, Certified Trainer, IT Specialist

I am a Professional Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) and a Certified Trainer for Google Business Products. Google Certified Individual for Google Adwords and Google Analytics. I have more than five years' experience working as an Online Marketing Specialist (SEO,PPC & Web Analytics). Read Full Bio...

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