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The IsharaShehan web analysis program goes far beyond web traffic reports. We not only run the data, we interpret it for you and provide solutions to any shortcomings found. This has a profound impact on maximizing your budget since we are able to determine what’s working, what’s not and where you should be spending your online dollars.

Questions answered through our specialized analytic process ...

  • What do visitors like best about the site? What isn’t resonating with them?
  • How did they find the website? Are they likely to return?
  • How does the site compare to the competition?
  • What marketing vehicles are most effective in reaching your target audience?
  • Where are additional opportunities to drive more qualified traffic to the website?

Once we know these answers and more, we’ll help you turn this information into a powerful strategic tool called key performance indicators that will help you outdistance the competition. And in the process, we’ll help you turn visitors into customers.

Some of our services included but not limited to ...

  • Basic, advanced, and custom implementations
  • Google Analytics report integration (Advance custom reports)
  • Coding and Account audits and validation
  • Establishment of goals, filters, profiles, segments, and funnels
  • Online media analysis and consulting
  • Channel attribution
  • Website and landing page testing
  • Custom dashboard development
  • In-Person and virtual training

As Google Analytics Certified Individuals with more than 6 years’ experience, from getting started with your web analytics software to training your staff to use your analytics tools more effectively, IsharaShehan can help Complete the form on this page for more information about what IsharaShehan analytics professionals can help you do.

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